Silva Ultramind ESP is an amazing workshop. Our perception towards life has undergone a change for better. The tools thought in this workshop will definitely be useful is making me a better person in life.
Jaisimha, Bangalore
  Feel rejuvenated after the Stress management workshop; the content of the workshop was very helpful in understanding stress, stress management techniques, time, anger and goal management. The content was delivered in a simple yet very effective manner.
Palani, Audio planet, CEO

  EFT  is Excellent, feeling nice & fresh. I am more confident I am able to flow freely with the flow of life, I am happy & a free soul, I don’t carry and baggage’s of past hurt with me.
Aparna.E.T, Bangalore, Emotional Freedom Workshop -


Welcome !

Nice to have you here. 

Let me share a very brief introduction about myself , so you know what you can expect in this webpage.

I am Saainirmala Silva Ultramind Instructor , NLP Trainer and Spiritual Healer. After 15+ years of working in corporates in technical and managerial positions, I shifted to this profession by choice.

In 2008 I started ,  Tranquil gardens( name I have given to myprofessional practice) where I work with people and facilitate them bringing work , life balance , filling harmony, peace and happiness both in career  and personal life. With the stress levels constantly on the rise, aggravated by ongoing economic turmoil, Serenity .. the inner peace is key for achieving harmony in each and every interaction in our daily life.

I went through the roller coaster ride and evetually figured out how to maintain the balance and I willingly share this with my clients through one-to one sessions and workshops.

Tranquility at the workplace
People work most efficiently when their mind is free and when their creative talents are stimulated and nurtured. At tranquil gardens we conduct NLP and behavioral science based workshops to facilitate creating and developing high performance work teams to deliver top notch results.
Tranquility for your Personal life
Changing societal cultures and demanding worklife is challenging the fine balance required between professional and personal life. At Tranquil Gardens we play a catalytic role in you rediscovering your inner-self, keeping your emotions and energies balanced, for better health, well-being, personal development and spiritual awareness. We achieve this through group workshops and private client services like counseling and coaching, using NLP Techniques, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Reiki  and Chakra healing.