Silva Ultramind ESP is an amazing workshop. Our perception towards life has undergone a change for better. The tools thought in this workshop will definitely be useful is making me a better person in life.
Jaisimha, Bangalore
  Feel rejuvenated after the Stress management workshop; the content of the workshop was very helpful in understanding stress, stress management techniques, time, anger and goal management. The content was delivered in a simple yet very effective manner.
Palani, Audio planet, CEO

  EFT  is Excellent, feeling nice & fresh. I am more confident I am able to flow freely with the flow of life, I am happy & a free soul, I don’t carry and baggage’s of past hurt with me.
Aparna.E.T, Bangalore, Emotional Freedom Workshop -




1. What is Tranquil Gardens? Do you do personal healing or Therapy?

 Tranquil Gardens  is a training and coaching organization , providing a variety of workshops and trainings in the areas of  Human Empowerment and  Healing  using various new age technqiues  like NLP, EFT , Hypnosis ,Reiki, PLR, Crystal Healing and Chakra Healing. You can mail to  us at info@tranquilgardens.in for details of any training programs.

 We  do personal counselling , but only week days. From Monday to Friday.   NO WEEK END -  ONE TO ONE APPOINTMENT.

We do hypnosis and pastlife regression healing in Tranquil Gardens. Also we do coaching and counseling using EFT and using Hypnosis and Meditation for Performance improvement and better stress free living.

 2. What are the typical charges per session ?

Coaching / Healing Sessions @ Tranquil Gardens Only Mon to  Fri

 No weekend appointments

·         NLP Coaching - Rs.750 per 90 min session, Monthly packages available for executive coaching

·         EFT / EMO Trance healing - Rs.750 per 90 min session

·         Hypnotherapy  - 1  & 1/2 hrs  Rs.1,000 

·         Past Life Regression Only (with healing) - 1 day x 2-2.5 hours - Rs. 2,500

·         Reiki - first consultaion and 30 minutes healing session  - Rs.1000  - For 20 sessions ( Remote or in person ) Rs.5000

·         Chakra Healing : first consultaion and 30 minutes Chakra balancing /healing session  - Rs.1000  - For 10 sessions ( Remote or in person ) Rs.3000

·         Crystal Healing : 45 minutes Rs.750 

Tranquil Gardens Card Reading & Other Specialities

·         Tarot Reading – 45 minutes – Rs.750

·         Aura Photography and interpretations - Starts Rs 400/photograph

·         Numerology - Rs. 350/Online or Telephonic Consultation

·         Angel Card Reading - Rs. 250 /Reading

·         Learn Pendulum Dowsing in 3 hrs  - Rs.1000

·         Geopathic Stress assessment for homes per plan - Rs.1000 

3. Can I get appointment on Sunday or evening hours ?

Our office hours Monday - Friday  9 - 4pm . Personal coaching appointments can be given only between 9 - 4 pm only.  In rare cases evening appointment at 6pm is given. Please call us for fixing your convenient time.

Most of our weekends are spent in training, so no appointment on Sundays.

4. What are the typical training charges ?

Courses @ Tranquil Gardens by Saainirmala 

·         Reiki Level 1 & 2  - 1 day Course Fees : Rs.2000

·         Reiki Level 3+ Crystal Healing, 2 days  Course Fees Rs.5000 including a set of Chakra Healing Crystals

·         Hypnotherapy –Level 1 (CHII Certified), 3 days - Rs.7500 with early bird discount.

·         Stress  Management, 1 day Course Fees : Rs.2500

·         Silva UltraMind ESP Alpha Mind Power, 2 days - Rs.8000 with early bird discount

·         Chakra Healing,19-Mar-2011 1 day Course Fees : Rs.2500

·         Emotional Freedom Technique, 1 day Course Fees : Rs.2500

·         NLP -Level 1, 5  days - Rs.18000 with early bird discount

.         Tarot Reading certification course - 3 days Rs.10000