Silva Ultramind ESP is an amazing workshop. Our perception towards life has undergone a change for better. The tools thought in this workshop will definitely be useful is making me a better person in life.
Jaisimha, Bangalore
  Feel rejuvenated after the Stress management workshop; the content of the workshop was very helpful in understanding stress, stress management techniques, time, anger and goal management. The content was delivered in a simple yet very effective manner.
Palani, Audio planet, CEO

  EFT  is Excellent, feeling nice & fresh. I am more confident I am able to flow freely with the flow of life, I am happy & a free soul, I don’t carry and baggage’s of past hurt with me.
Aparna.E.T, Bangalore, Emotional Freedom Workshop -


NLP Practitioner's Level Workshop (Certified by  NFNLP , USA)

  • Make better decisions in both personal and professional areas, by future pacing your life!
  • Be your best in tough situations, all the time.
  • Turn problems and obstacles into springboards for super success.
  • Speed up your learning in any field.
  • Make dramatic, positive changes in the way you think, feel and act.
  • Successfully get your message across, every time.
  • Detect patterns in human behavior
  • See and hear more efficiently as you improve your sensory acuity.
  • Recognize how other people respond to you.
  • Understand people better than you ever have before.
  • Be more effective in personal and professional relationships.
  • Create instant connections with others.
  • Learn how to eliminate bad moods.
  • Set goals in ways that ensure success.

NLP will take you to the roots of understanding human behavior and teach you the very fabric of thought and action. It is often said that NLP has made the greatest contribution to the behavioral sciences in the last 40 years. 

Not only in your healing practice it will definitely help in your personal life too.

Our students who have attended NLP courses with us have reported major paradigm shifts in their life, increased self-confidence and self-esteem, zest for life, transforming limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and their ability to communicate with others increased tremendously. 

You will learn a set of skills that can be the foundation for all the goals in your life . Practice NLP to become your very best!!

Here are powerful NLP techniques that enable you to perform well in any situation. You'll use these abilities to do what you must do, when you must do it (the secret to success).

-      10 Presuppositions to understand and decipher behavior of self and others, fundamental fabric of mind body connection, 

-       8 principles for effective communication.

-      Heightened Awareness: Calibration

- Building Rapport & Matching ,

- Representational Systems

- Eye Accessing Cues, Predicates, 

- Submodalities 

- Types of words that enrich your language,

- 2 speech patterns that improve communication. 

- Using your voice to make a powerful connection and  to convey more than words.

-       Patterns that get people following your lead. 

- Well Formed Outcomes, Magical Language , Meta Model , Milton Model

-       Get through to both their conscious and unconscious minds.

- 3 ways to change generalized limits on thinking.

- 5 ways to get clarification on distorted information.

- 4 ways of gathering missing information.

Leverage peoples motivation patterns

- Towards (Carrot) or away from (Stick)

Utilizing Strategies      


- Modeling

Changing Minds, Use patterns that change beliefs move from confusion to Understanding

- Circle of excellence

- Swish

- Fast Phobia Cure

- Collapsing Anchors

- Changing Beliefs

- Six Step Reframe

- Visual Squash

- Change Personal History

- Technique for instant self confidence


NLP Practitioner level Workshop

Duration : -  5 days

Course Fee :- Rs.16000 (Including Course Material , Lunch , Coffee/Tea Snacks , Certification from NFNLP)