Silva Ultramind ESP is an amazing workshop. Our perception towards life has undergone a change for better. The tools thought in this workshop will definitely be useful is making me a better person in life.
Jaisimha, Bangalore
  Feel rejuvenated after the Stress management workshop; the content of the workshop was very helpful in understanding stress, stress management techniques, time, anger and goal management. The content was delivered in a simple yet very effective manner.
Palani, Audio planet, CEO

  EFT  is Excellent, feeling nice & fresh. I am more confident I am able to flow freely with the flow of life, I am happy & a free soul, I don’t carry and baggage’s of past hurt with me.
Aparna.E.T, Bangalore, Emotional Freedom Workshop -


Training Programs


We regularly conduct the following workshops for the public and corporates. Kindly Check the Calender for our next schedule.


Silva Ultramind ESP (Certified by Silva Ultramind , Texas , US) :


 Develop and learn to use your natural God-given intuition, remote viewing, and remote influencing, accurately and reliably in one weekend with the Silva Method UltraMind ESP System. The Silva Ultramind ESP is designed to harness the creative abilities of your mind to move you towards your goals, desires and dreams. By making use of Alpha meditation, creative visualization, imagination and positive thinking and improved intuition, gain a better perspective of your life, to solve everyday problems and achieve personal greatness.


TP- LOA  Turning Point -

Workshop for activating the Law Of Attraction:

Learn how to create and live life of bliss and grace. Taking full responsibility for your circumstances, use the secret to creating positive outcomes. Learn to thinking big & raising your believability factor to new levels. Use the power of gratitude to bring more peace and bliss to your  life.Learn the critical laws for getting everything you want , gravitate people, position and things towards you. Learn Secret and Hidden Codes behind the Secret in this one day workshop.


Law Of Attraction

NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Workshops (Certified by NFNLP , USA)

This program creates a powerful, positive, and permanent attitude shift towards one’s life based on the Concepts of NLP. This program enables every individual redefine the very nature of what is possible in his / her own life. In effect, you can create a future of your own design and empower and energise yourself for success. Improve Morale, Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress. Discover your true strengths and talents . Align your individual goals and competencies .Strengthen your leadership abilities and Decision Making Skills . Prioritize your Time and recharge Goals .


Step Up

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique Workshops

 The Workshops is Designed to Help You with : Releasing the old painful emotions, Learning to love and accept yourself ,      Releasing limiting negative belief patterns , Learning how to enhance your creativity, Releasing the past , Learning the power of forgiveness, Healing of the inner child and completely regaining health and happiness.

Reiki , Chakra & Crystal Healing Workshops 

Reiki is taught in three Degrees. One need not obtain all three degrees to practice Reiki. Each level of Attunement increases the energy flow and the abilities of the Reiki Practitioner.Reiki has been known to have a profound effect on individuals who become attuned to it. It acts on one’s physical and energy bodies, allowing openness to the spiritual nature of the universe and oneself.

The chakra is a special energy centers  that has a strong influence in your life. The chakra can be blocked or fully opened, which can lead to positivity or negativity in the life.

Balance, cleanse and open up your seven chakras, through awareness and understanding, using creative visualization and deep mediation along with sound, colors and crystals. 


Hypnotherapy Level -1 Workshop (Certified by CHII) 

Do you want to know how your mind works?  How to better use the power of sub-conscious mind ? 

Love to Improve your Confidence and Self Esteem ?
Keen to learn Self Hypnosis and teach others?
Curious to learn the hypnosis to put the willing person in trance and help them reduce stress and get other benefits?
Of-course you can learn couple of Fast induction techniques for fun to show your friends you are budding hypnotherapist?
Anyone can learn all these in amazing simple manner by attending this workshop..